Qualified Professional-Information System Coordinator

Alisha Reece

Qualified Professional-Information System Coordinator

Alisha Reece is a native of Greenville, SC and now lives in Forest City, NC.  Over the past 8 years, she has been fortunate to work in the helping profession at the Rutherford Workshop, in group homes and an AFL, in the community and as an administrator.  She is currently serving as a Qualified Professional.

A secondary passion of hers is photography.  She owns a small photography business, and it is her purpose as a photographer to change the future of her community by illustrating the lives of people with disabilities thus proving their worth, generosity of spirit and value to the world.

Her title at Synergy In Action, Inc. is Qualified Professional-Information System Coordinator of Rutherford County.  She is responsible for the supervision and planning of all residential services in Rutherford County as well as ensuring the residential homes meet state and federal requirements by performing internal audits of the homes.

Her responsibilities also include Information Technology related to the development and maintenance of the Synergy In Action, Inc. website and Facebook page.

“I am very excited about Synergy In Action and with our team’s dedication our future is limitless.”